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Trident has new open bearing roller cone bits in sizes 2-7/8" thru 9-7/8" with regular or jet circulation as well as sealed bearing and rerun bits up to 28" diameter.

The S.E. 54 utilizes an offset with large chisel-shaped inserts spaced to provide high penetration rates in softer formation. It is extremely effective in shale, clay, soft to medium limestone and other formations of relatively low compressive strength with hard streaks or abrasive qualities.
IADC Code Range - 521-532

The T4 is designed with high cone offset and longer, widely spaced teeth to provide maximum penetration in medium soft to soft formations such as shale, clay, soft sand stone and red beds. Also effective in other soft to medium formations with relatively low compressive strengths.
IADC Code Range - 131-142

The S.E. 56 is adaptable to a wide variety of formations with higher compressive strengths and performs well in sandstone, limestone, hard shale and other formations with high abrasive qualities, numerous hard streaks and broken formations.
IADC Code Range - 541-622

The T3 performs well in medium formations including unconsolidated shale, medium soft limestone, medium sandstone and other formations of slightly higher compressive strength with intermittent hard streaks.
IADC Code Range - 211-232

The S.E. 57 effectively combines chisel and conical inserts to produce a design to drill slightly harder formations such as hard limestone, dolomite, hard sand and other formations with hard cherty streaks. The arrangement of the tungsten carbide inserts provides maximum durability, reduces drill vibration and allows greater drilling weights in highly compressive strength formations.
IADC Code Range- 631-712

The T2 performs well in medium to medium hard formations with hard, cherty streaks may require the T2. Short, closely spaced teeth, applied with tungsten carbide hard-facing help reduce vibrations through the hard formations.
IADC Code Range - 241-312

For maximum penetration rates in harder formations, the S.E. 58 utilizes breakage resistant, projectile shaped tungsten carbide inserts. They are closely spaced for maximum bottom hole cleaning in hard, abrasive and homogeneous limestone, dolomite, basalt, granite and chert.
IADC Code Range - 721-742

The TI-H is designed for hard, abrasive formations such as hard sandstone, dolomite, hard limestone and granite. The outer gauge rows have webs joining adjacent heel teeth, which are heavily applied with tungsten carbide hard-facing to provide maximum resistance to gauge wear.
IADC Code Range - 321-342


Full hole or regular circulation bits utilize a full diameter center to maximize cutter tooth cleaning. This center hole may be left fully open or can be restricted in size through the use of a center orifice plate.

Jet circulation bits incorporate three orifices strategically placed between the cutters. These orifices are equipped with nozzles which direct the high velocity jet stream to the outside diameter of the hole being drilled.

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