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Trident H2O Stinger Top Head Rotary Attachment

H2O Stinger Well Drilling RigThe H2O Stinger� attaches to any cable tool drill rig and increases the versatility of the rig making it into a combination cable tool and top head rotary drill rig.  It is compact yet boasts BIG RIG features such as 3500+ ft./lbs of torque and down pressures of up to 25,000 lbs. The Trident H2O Stinger� is quick to setup, easy to operate and effective in drilling through the hardest formations in a fraction of the time that a traditional cable tool rig could. The H2O Stinger� is all hydraulic, powered by the deck engine of the drilling rig. This means there is no gear box or extra motors to maintain or replace.

The down hole hammer is run using a portable air compressor usually running at between 125-150 PSI. The H2O Stinger� is not shy around larger compressors however, having been tested with compressors running at 350 PSI. The lower pressure compressors are used for several reasons the major one being cost. The purchase cost as well as operation cost of the larger compressors make them not as economical for use with the H2O Stinger�. Another advantage to running lower air is that lower air is less likely to seal up any aquifers, which is a major selling point to most cable tool drillers.

The Trident H2O Stinger� can be used to start the hole, drive the casing into the hole and finish the well. An alternative to this is to start the hole with the H2O Stinger�, drill down through the unproductive formations, the retract the rotary mast and finish the well with the cable tools.

The advantages of the Trident H2O Stinger� include increases in drilling speeds up to 20 times faster than cable tool drilling, portability and versatility of a combination rig, low initial investment, and free time from completing wells in a fraction of the time it normally takes drilling with a cable tool rig.

Flexible financing is available though Alternative Capital, apply online here.

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