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 GeoVISIONTM Borehole Well Camera  Systems

cjr stained fracture 2.jpeg (21790 bytes)

Stained fracture in 6" open rock bore looking down (Color Jr M1) Click on the picture to see the GeoVISION in action. More videos below.

Our portable and lightweight GeoVISIONTM borehole under water video camera systems offer you black and white or color viewing and video logging in small to large diameter boreholes.  When combined with other geophysical logging you can get the whole picture.


Find and view fractures, voids, water inflow, cross or inter bed water flows, sand, gravel, grout, ground water pollution or ground water contamination infiltration.


View actual conditions and help determine end of casing, well screen or packer placement.


If no one has any knowledge of the well's condition, find out what really exits.


Assist in retrieval of lost items.  See where the item is and determine its orientation to help in a recovery plan.  Watch what you are doing while you fish.


Inspect casings, drive shoes, screens and welds.


Assist in trouble shooting.  Determine the actual situation.

We offer two different types of systems:

GeoVISION TM Economy Camera Systems are low in cost and use a plastic housed camera. The lightweight plastic reel comes pre-spooled with 325' of cable. The heavy duty steel reel can hold up to 1000' of cable.

GeoVISION TM Deluxe Camera Systems come with a motorized steel reel and  standard on screen depth display. The reel can hold up to 2000' of cable and can be equipped with your choice of plastic, stainless steel or nano cameras.

WATCH THE GEOVISION CAMERAS IN ACTION. Click on the links below to view the video.

Video Title and Description


An abandoned coal mine taken with black and white camera

The ultra low light black and white GeoVISION camera is able  to view and record dark objects at a great distance, more than 12 feet, with only the "in camera" LEDs.  This video shows the reasonable clarity obtained even under adverse conditions of water falling on the camera.

7200 KB

The GeoVISION Jr color camera is going down a borehole 

This short video shows the color camera in a limestone borehole with small crevices. Notice the On Screen Depth Display in the upper left of the screen and how the camera stays in the center of the borehole with the use of centralizers.

1976 KB

Viewing the bottom of the casing

This video shows the motorized pan-tilt camera rotating and then tilting up to view the bottom of the casing from below. This same procedure can be done manually with the use of a pipe string.

9409 KB

Viewing with the motorized pan-tilt camera and color Jr camera

This video shows the effectiveness of the motorized pan-tilt option.  The camera views into a diagonal crevasse and can easily be tilted to view in any direction and any angle.

7050 KB

Viewing the side of a borehole

This video shows dogtooth spar and calcite deposition in a borehole drilled in limestone.

 2288 KB

Viewing a small cave with falling water drops

This video demonstrates the ability of the camera to clearly show the inside of a small cave in the side of the borehole that would be almost impossible to see with the camera pointing down.

 7514 KB

Using the side looking mirror and viewing down the borehole with the micro camera

The first part of this video shows the micro camera with the side looking mirror viewing 90 degrees to the side in the center of view.

4467 KB

Shows the side looking motorized mirror using the micro camera

This video shows the micro motorized side looking mirror going past the pump and pipe and rotating at the bottom of the casing.

 5446 KB

The systems are designed to be used in vertical bores but can be used in horizontal bores by placing the camera on an owner provided skid or cart and pushing it with a plastic pipe string.  The cameras can go around shallow turns but they are not designed to go around sharp turns.

All of our systems output NTSC video format, which is the standard for North America.   If the system is to be used in a country that uses a different format which as PAL or SECAM a Digital Format Converting VCR (AIWA model HV-MX1 for example) can be used to convert the system's signal to that country's standard.


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